What is Bullying?

Bullying is hurtful behaviour, often repeated over a long period of time, which causes pain and distress to the victim. Types of bullying can include physical, emotional, sexual or discriminatory. A lot of bullying now takes place on-line using social media and mobile phones. This means that bullying can now take place all the time, wherever the victim is.

The purpose of this policy statement is:

· to prevent bullying from happening between adults, children and young people who are a part of our organisation or take part in our activities
· to make sure bullying is stopped as soon as possible if it does happen and that those involved receive the support they need
· to provide information to all staff, volunteers, children and their families about what we should all do to prevent and deal with bullying.

We will seek to prevent bullying by:

· Following a code of conduct that sets out how everyone involved in our organisation is expected to behave, in face-to-face contact and online, and within and outside of our activities
· Ensure everyone is able to participate and have fun
· Report any concerns members have about themselves or someone else
· Actively promote a safe and inclusive tennis environment and a zero tolerance approach to bullying.
· Make sure our response to incidents of bullying takes into account: the needs of the person being bullied, the needs of the person displaying bullying behaviour and the needs of any bystanders and to follow the responding to bullying guidance attached to this statement.