The club finals day is on Saturday 21st July

All members and friends are invited and a free buffet is provided by the club at lunchtime

We do hope as many people as possible will come to support the players

Below is Order of play

Shooters Hill LTC Finals Day

Saturday 21st July 2018

Order of Play

 (Please note all times may vary)

Junior Finals

9 – 10.30am Mini Red 8&U (boys & girls), Mini Orange 9&U (boys & girls) plus Mini Green 10&U (boys & girls)

10.30 – 12pm Boys 12/14&U, Boys 16/18&U plus Girls 12/14&U


Adult Finals

(All adult finals are best of 3 full tie break sets)


12.30 – 2pm Plate Men’s and Ladies Singles Final, Plate Ladies Doubles Final, Plate Mixed Doubles Final


2 – 3.30pm Main Men’s and Ladies Singles Final

Plate Men’s Doubles final


3.30 – 5pm Main Men’s and Ladies Doubles Final


5 – 6.30pm Main Mixed Doubles Final

Adult Finalists

Plate Men;s Singles Final: Emre Saridogan vs Iain Goosey or Jan Are Mo

Plate Ladies Singles Final: Marion Tourell-Hopkins vs Rosita Harrington

Plate Ladies Doubles Final: Julie Cooper & Holly Rowland vs Cate Woodcock & Tracy Davy

Plate Mixed Doubles Final: James McKeown & Ros McKeown vs Francesco Donadio & Simone Korsgaard-Jensen

Main Men’s Singles Final: Rich Fay vs Luke House or Dave McGonigle

Main Ladies Singles Final: Ros McKeown vs Simone Korsgaard-Jensen

Plate Men’s Doubles Final: Ron Cooper & Tony Millard vs James McKeown and Aaron Ruby

Main Men’s Doubles Final: Matt Perfect & Bastien Hibon vs Max Saunders & Mylan Roberts

Main Ladies Doubles Final: Maria Perfect & Karen Attard vs Ros McKeown & Julia Smith

Main Mixed Doubles Final: David Harrild & Karen Attard vs Dave McGonigle & Jane Zinopoulos

Junior Finalists

Boys Mini Red 8&U

Main Final: Samuel Morgan vs Nathan Han

Plate Final: Amaury Harnais vs Fabian Mare

Girls Mini Red 8&U

Main Final: Lucie Peace vs Ashli-May McKella

Plate Final: Shakima Powell vs Neriah Fosang

Boys Mini Orange 9&U

Main Final: Samuel Morgan vs Henry Oliver

Plate Final: Lucas Ferreira-Smith vs Nicholas Blanc-Smith

Girls Mini Orange 9&U

Main Final: Martha Kamau vs Ella Roach

Boys Mini Green 10&U

Main Final: Kenzo Harnais vs Ivan Zubac

Plate Final: Elwood Skorjanec vs Powlo Remice

Girls Mini Green 10&U

Main Final: Hannah Kamau vs Carlotta Allen-Seadon

Boys 12/14&U

Main Singles Final: Samuel Blanc-Smith vs Monty Eldridge

Plate Final: Fola Akinsuyi vs Louis Beresford-Allan


Girls 12/14&U

Main Final: Thalia Remice vs Francesca White


Boys 16/18&U

Main Singles Final: Noah Woodard vs Jack Rowland

Plate Singles Final: Cameron Beresford-Allan vs Jack Beresford-Allan