IMPORTANT MEMBERSHIP Update- Thursday 16th April 2020

IMPORTANT MEMBERSHIP Update- Thursday 16th April 2020


Statement from Directors re Covid 19 and effects on the club and membership

In these strange times that the club finds itself in we had a Board meeting (virtual) to discuss the way forward for the club
The principles we discussed around membership were
1) Fairness to all members
2) Reward to those members who have already paid and shown support for the club

We agreed to the following and had to consider that we have no idea when lockdown will end.
Membership will remain open but there will now be a new rate which will calculated from the 1st of the month following the courts opening and play resuming as shown in the example below. This will be the membership rate until the pro rata kicks in on 1st September. Membership must be paid before people play at the club again.
• Adult rate of £130 (1st September rate) plus pro rata rate the difference between that and full year adult rate (£205) This equals £75 divided by 5 months (£15)
i.e. £130 + £15 for each full month play is possible before 1st September
EG: If courts opened in June the membership would be from 1st July £130+£30= £160
(2 months -July and August)
• Other Categories and Juniors will be pro-rated in a similar way.
The membership fees will be on the membership form when you join.

Membership remains open during this period of closure but, members who join before this time either at pre 1.4.20 rate or full rate will be given a loyalty payment off next year’s membership.
Full details of this loyalty payment will be given to the members concerned when we know when the courts re-open.
Other categories and juniors who have already paid pre 1.4.20 or full rate will also receive a loyalty payment. Any questions please email the secretary@shltc.info.

The Directors



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