Great to see so many members getting onto court and enjoying your tennis. For the vast majority of the time the guidance provided has been followed, however can we just clarify a few points for all users of the courts.
At present everyone who plays at the club must be a member for this year 2020-21. Only adults and juniors 13 plus have booking rights and courts MUST be booked before use as part of the social distancing. No member may bring a visitors during this period. We would be delighted for them to join as many are doing. Court bookings are running at around 60% so there is still room for all members.
The second point is the 30 minute gap must be followed and not used to run two sessions booked by another member otherwise the social distancing rules are broken.

Board of Directors

Message from the Head Coach:

Thanks to all those members who have been following the club, LTA and government guidelines in these challenging times. It has been great seeing our new online court booking system being used so much during the first week back. Please can I just remind you all of the following points:

Members are reminded to bring their own set of marked tennis balls to use when they are serving during a game. Please remember you should not be touching any other tennis balls but your own.
If you book a court and can no longer use it, please remember to cancel your booking to free up the court for other members to use.
Please vacate your court as soon as you can after your booking time has finished. A good guide is ten minutes to finish the game, ten minutes to clear the grounds allowing the next booking to arrive. This means we are following social distancing. Social distancing is vitally important in keeping the club open.
There are still coaching slots available for any member who wish to book with me.
Phil Layfield



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