Hoping everyone is enjoying their tennis and looking forward to the coaching programme starting today

Results of outstanding fixtures in Winter 2019-20

Mixed 2 Kent beat Trottiscliffe in the final play off.

Ladies Kent Division 8 lost to South Hill Woods in the final playoff (hope you like the picture)

Message from Head Coach

Dear Members & Parents,

The coaching team and I are looking forward to seeing you all back next week.  I wanted to explain a few changes at the club due to Covid-19 restrictions.

  1. During the first week I will direct all the children to their relevant court, so they know where to go for the rest of the half term.  This will also help avoid large gatherings of people and/or children queuing to get onto the courts.
  2. Only 1 parent/carer to attend with their child/children when dropping off and picking up.
  3. All lessons will last 55 minutes so as to give parents/carers time to collect children before the next group arrives.
  4. The clubhouse will remain closed so please ensure all children have been to the toilet before they arrive at the club.
  5. Due to the clubhouse being closed all children coming straight from school for a 4pm lesson will need to get changed at school/home or in the car before they arrive at the club.
  6. To help with social distancing there will be clear markings on the decking area, but parents/carers are encouraged not to stay on the decking but to wait in cars during lessons.
  7. In the event of poor weather, which will no doubt arrive soon, all parents/carers are asked to remain in cars when the forecast is not great so children can take shelter.  If the forecast is not great, I will make the decision to continue or cancel lessons as early as possible.
  8. If parents/carers use the benches provided, please ensure you keep 2m apart.

If you have any questions before next week, please let me know asap.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Head Coach Phil Layfield on 07815 92776

Only members can take part in coaching due to track and trace and reduced numbers in classes. The pro rata membership is now available.

Any queries re membership secretary@shltc.info

Please remember the club house remains CLOSED unless there is a medical emergency (The AED/Defibrillator and First aid kit are located within the club house). Parents and members must NOT go in to use the toilets. Please take any rubbish home.

One person at a time may enter to put money in lights but only enter if club house if locked showing no-one is in there. Please contact secretary@shltc.info if new to club and need a key for lights.

We ask that club members continue to be respectful of social distancing measures. This includes keeping the recommended safe distance at all times and allowing court users to exit and enter courts without coming into contact with each other. 2m distancing marks have now been placed on the decking for the start of the new term.

Day members (Visitors) must be booked in and paid for via bookings. Members can only bring the same visitor 3 times and then they must join the club. Members must book in for social play for Wednesdays 7-9 pm, Friday 7-9 pm and Sundays 2-4 pm. A link is sent weekly.

Please if you book and cannot attend let the secretary know and she can open the place up to someone else.

Club Championship 

We will update next week

Box leagues

These have now restarted

Anyone queries please contact Ricardo on ricphysio@gmail.com.

Many thanks

The Directors

Shooters Hill Tennis Club